School Tradition


St. Marians take pride in being part of this institution and are:

  1. Hardworking, setting high goals and standards and are persistent in their efforts to achieve them.
  2. They aspire to be mentally, physically and psychologically strong.
  3. They are aware of social structure and national goals and are able to accept and discharge personal responsibilities.
  4. St. Marians try to speak correct English in school premises.
  5. Respectful to the authorities, teachers and elders.
  6. Realizing that hard, persevering, systematic and creative personal efforts is the only stepping stone to the real success, specially in the studies.
  7. Conscious that true nobility consists in being honest and sincere, decent and gentle, in speech, behaviour and action.
  8. Keep their school neat and clean.
  9. St. Marians are brothers and sisters and therefore, everyone is to be treated with brotherly-sisterly dignity and decorum.

The desire to observe the above must come from within and must be genuine, only then can one’s character be formed.