St. Mary’s Convent S.S. School, Dewas [M.P.] has always focused on the all round development of the students. The word ‘Educate’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘Educere’ which means ‘to nurture’. School has set up a very strong body named as P.T.A., Dewas. The members of this association are the honourable Parents and Teachers of St. Mary’s Dewas. PTA meetings are held as and when required. PTA actively contributes to build up the future of the students by providing them career guidance by experts and counselors, guiding them to participate in various competitions . The PTA provides every possible help, guidance and support to the shining St. Marians thus achieving the school – motto:- ” Let Your Light Shine”

The President of PTA is Sr. Nisha



S.No. Name Designation
1 Sr. Nisha President
2 Sr. Goriti Member
3 Sr Gloria Member
4 Mr. Ranu Chaurasiya Vice President
5 Mrs. Sindhu Mohan Secretary
6 Mrs. Kiran Raghuwanshi Treasurer
7 Mrs Trapti Vyas Primary Teacher
8 Mr. Sanjay Joshi Middle  Teacher
9 Mrs Rituja Neelam Pre Primary Teacher
10 Sarita Bhandari Member
11 Priyanka Chawda Parent
12 Abhishek Lathi Parent
13 Poonam Tomar Parent
14 Namrata Rijwani Parent
15 Prerna Ajnar Parent
16 Anjali Mohite Parent
17 Soma Ghosh Parent
18 Anand Deshmukh Parent
19 Dr. Kailash Chandra Carpenter Parent
20 Premnarayan Yadav Parent
21 Rajni Yadav Parent
22 Manish Mundra Parent