1.    From July 2017 the school fees will be paid in 4 instalments (July, September, November and January) in Canara Bank on all working days of the bank.  Time 10.30 am to 2.30 pm and 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm.  Fess will be collected from 5th to 25th of the specified month.  After the date a surcharge of Rs. 30/- per installment, per child will be added.  No fee will be collected after the 25th.

2.    Fees will be refused without this card.

3.    An official receipt must be taken for any payment.  The signature on the card is not a sufficient receipt for any such payment.

4.    A duplicate Fee Card can be issued only on payment of Rs.20/-

5.    All dues should be cleared before 25th January.

6.    Mode of payment: By Cash or By Cheque.

Cheque should be in favour of

St. Mary’s Kinder Garten Dewas  for L.K.G & U.K.G

St. Mary’s Convent S.S. School Dewas for  Classes  I to XII