Admission and Withdrawal

No pupils other than those seeking admission in K.G.I for the first time will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended. Students coming from other schools must get their transfer certificate duly countersigned by the proper educational authority.

Parents/guardians must accompany the students at the time of admission. The date of birth shown on the T.C. at the time of admission will be final. For beginners Documental proof of the date of birth must be attached to the admission form and the document will become the property of the school and will not be returned.

A month’s notice must be submitted in writing or fees of one instalment will have to be paid, befor the withdrawal of a pupil.

A pupil who has been withdrawn or has left the school for one reason or another and who seeks re-admission must pay entrance fee and other fees again.

T.C. or any other documents will be issued only after all the dues have been paid off and library books and other articles have been returned to the proper person in charge. Once an admission of a child is confirmed, the admission fee is not refundable. If a counter signed T.C. is not submitted within 15 days of admission, the admission of the child stands cancelled.