Time Table : 2018-19
DATE DAY Half Yearly II Periodic Half Yearly
22/09/2018 Saturday B. Studies Economics
23/09/2018 Sunday
24/09/2018 Monday Maths So. Science Science Maths Science So. Science Chemistry Accountancy Maths Maths
25/09/2018 Tuesday
26/09/2018 Wednesday So. Science Science Maths So. Science English Hindi I.P. I.P. English English
27/09/2018 Thursday Comp. Theory GK/Comp.  Theory GK/Comp.  Theory GK/Comp. Theory
28/09/2018 Friday
29/09/2018 Saturday Hindi English English Hindi So. Science Maths Physics Economics Chemistry B. Studies
30/09/2018 Sunday
01/10/2018 Monday Science Maths Hindi Science Hindi English English English I.P. I.P.
02/10/2018 Tuesday
03/10/2018 Wednesday English Hindi So. Science English
04/10/2018 Thursday GK Sanskrit Sanskrit Sanskrit Maths Science Maths Maths Physics Accountancy
05/10/2018 Friday M.Sci./Cat. M.Sc./Cat. M.Sc./Cat. M.Sc./Cat.
School Timings from 22 Sep. to 04 Oct. for Classes XI & XII : 07:45 am to 11:15 am
School Timings from 24 Sep to 04 Oct. for Classes IX & X : 07:45 am to 11:15 am
School Timings from 24 Sep to 04 Oct. for Classes V to VIII: 07:45 am to 11 am
* Computer Practicals is  to be taken from 05 Oct. to 09 Oct. Dates & time to be decided by the computer teacher.
* School Timings :- 24 Sept to 4 Oct. (V- VIII)  – 7:45 to 11 , (IX – X) – 07:45 to 11:15, (XI- XII) – 22 Sept to 04 Oct. 07:45 to 11:15
Note: Practical Exam
*In case of any unforeseen circumstances due to which a holiday is declared by the administration during exam days, the exam scheduled for  that day will be conducted after the last exam. No further information will be given in this matter. XI A XIB
05/10/2018 I.P. 05/10/2018 Accountancy & B.Studies
*If a student is absent in a test or examination no retest will be taken. 06/10/2018 Chemistry 06/10/2018 I.P.
  08/10/2018 Physics 08/10/2018 Economics (Half Day)