Principal’s Message


Martin Luther king has rightly put it, “we have learned to fly in the air like birds and to swim in the sea like fish but we have not learnt the simple act of living together.”

In this hi-tech world where everyone is in the rat race of cut throat competition, we need to slow down sometimes in order to look at ourselves and those around us. We all need to have a little more concern for the people around; a human approach, an attitude of love and affection and a conscious and committed citizenship. From its very inception till now St. Mary’s focuses on training the students to be socially more conscious, professionally more honest and personally more responsible.

Every day in our classroom we are preparing visionary leaders. We all need to think differently and have a belief that we all can do something, we have never done before or create something which never existed before. Rene Decartes said, “I think therefore I am.” In other words if we don’t think we don’t exist any more. Bernard Shaw said, “you see things and you say why”? I dream of things that never were and I ask “why not”? The Wright Brothers Orville and Willbur of USA saw the birds flying in the sky and began asking “why can’t I fly like birds”? This possibility thinking made these two brothers to invent and build the worlds first successful airplane. Many scientific inventions are the result of the possibility thinking or thinking differently. I am sure possibility thinking will bring about transformation. I would like to conclude with the words of Albert Einstein “Education is what remains when, after one has forgotten, what one has learnt in school.” We the educators need to emphasize on teaching the students to go beyond the prescribed syllabus and curriculum.

I am aware of the fact that many who have passed through the portals of St. Mary’s are highly placed in the society. The school is proud of all such St. Marians who are using their power of high position to serve their fellow being honestly and efficiently; thus keeping the motto of the school “Let Your Light Shine” alive.

Let the power of God and the Blessing of Mother Mary the patroness of this institution enable us to keep our vision clear and achieve our goal.