šŸŒ¹Hello my dear students hope all of you are doing fine at home? This lockdown days have been very boring right? No school, no play, no friends, no outside food, no party, no outings and  celebrationsšŸ˜” but on the other side,  you have all time for yourself ,  you and your parents . That is most beautiful. Home made tasty food and no sickness, no shouting, no fighting and no complaintsšŸ‘Œ  You have lovely time with your parents. They have all the time only for you šŸ„³These days, you have been very good šŸ‘Œchildren. You have been listening to your parents as to how to take care of yourself. You learnt to manage with minimum available things. How risky it is to go outside at this time. This pandemic period of lockdown has taught us many lessons. You have been doing your studies online, with that you learnt many new things, you have been very attentive,  creative in many ways. Some of you made lovely posters, paintings,  wrote poems, articles etc.. your ideas have been wonderful.  Thanks to all your teachers who guided and motivated you.

Now pay attention to my advise…

1. Listen to your parents and do what they tell you, they will never guide you wrong. 

2. Find some time to be alone with yourself. Talk to yourself ,  talk to your God in prayer or in meditation when you are alone. Be grateful to God because God has blessed you and your family with good health and cheer.

3. Imagine yourself how your behaviour will be after this pandemic time.

Write down your

thoughts and imaginations.

4.  Keep in touch with your books,  be regular with your  study. Do the homework and other activities that your teachers have given to you.

5. Read books,  explore new ideas.

6. Do exercises,   like dance, sway, do yoga, pranayam, hop a little, jump a little. This will keep you healthy and fit.

7. Give a break  to yourself  and be free  from  mobile screen,  relax,  play some games and enjoy your vacation.

8.Lastly  eat well,  sleep well,  keep well and do well.

Stay home, stay fit, stay safe. šŸ™Œ

From your principal.