Our Mission


To provide quality education for all, including the poor and the marginalised of the society.

To inculcate human values of love for humanity in the students helping them to grow in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence and national integrity and integration.

To develop relation with the neighbourhood through participatory methods where all contribute their share for the integral development of the society.

Our Vision


To educate students and to make them well qualified, reliable and good citizens ready to serve the country

Stress is laid on good conduct, character formation, commitment to justice, liberation of the poor and oppressed.

To give the students an all round education- moral, academic, social and physical- based on high ideals and principles with deep faith in God.

To inculcate the spirit of love and selfless service to God and the country.

To take a stand in favour Human Rights and Empowerment of Women.

To generate co-operation, team spirit and solidarity rather than competition and individualism.

To inculcate eco-consciousness and peaceful co-existence among the students and in the society at large.