CCE System


  • C – Continuous
  • C – Comprehensive
  • E – Evaluation

Continuous stands for assessment of a student throughout the year, not just at the end of a term.It may be done formally or in an informal way using different techniques of evaluation. Comprehensive takes care of assessment of all round development of a child’s personality. A child will be assessed not only in terms of his knowledge about a subject but his participation in other activities also.

Broadly we assess a child’s growth in two ares- Scholistic and Co Scholistic.

The term Scholistic refers to those aspects which are related to intellect or the brain .It is related to assessment of learners in particular curricular subjects. It includes assignments , project, practicals etc.

The term Co-scholistic refers to those aspects which are related to hand and heart.

How will the assessment be done?

A school session is devided into two terms
First term- April to September. Second term- October to March.

Each term has two Formative Assessments(FA) and one Summative Assessment(SA).